FMP / WEEK 6 / Evaluation and Reflection

Week ending 9th April // Week 6

Week 6, preparing for the final week ahead of the easter break (2 weeks off). I was unable to attend on the Monday due to a university interview at LCC in London, however caught up with the chat that i had missed on the monday. I looked at previous sketchbooks from students in order to study their progress and compare with my own. My idea has  changed however still follows my original styles of photography and work style. After my own critical evaluation of my work the previous week, aswell as the group crits, i planned two shoots for the week ahead, one in Margate, Cliftonville and the other on Sturry Road in Canterbury. These shoots are essentially preparation in working out my final location ideas for the finished pieces and shoots. Both still follow social housing and the beautifying/history of them.

In margate i explored the different areas, which range vastly in terms of community. Margate has the highest rate of social deprivation in the local area, something that i found really interesting when exploring and searching for the hidden yet obvious beauty surrounding the areas. I learnt a lot about the area, including coming across original art deco buildings scattered just a stones throw from the seafront. I also visited the high street and local attractions such as the shell grotto etc. Through exploring margate i recognised that all the images taken on that day have a strong context and narrative about the area whilst still incorporating my own thoughts and ideas. After the shoot i began looking into other places to explore during the easter holidays.

During the week i also did some more artist research, looking at Ansel Adams book ‘the negative’. His images are some of this centuries most memorable photographs aswell as his visualisation of the analogue processes and developments. What i found really interesting was that even though i do not primarily use analogue and film photography in my work at the moment, i do enjoy the process and using some of his methods as inspiration.

Towards the end of the week, we were all preparing imagery and work to show for the group crit on Friday, in order to receive feedback. I had some really positive comments aswell as ideas to include text or my own paintings and drawings into the final book/images. Viewing other peoples progress and their influences was also really helpful as it helped me understand different contexts and styles that other people work with. For the easter break, i plan to take shoots and find a final place/location to take a series of images for my book and show. I also want to reflect on the imagery i have explored and delve into the narrative i have been working with so far.