FMP / Week 3 / Problem Solving

Week ending 19th //  Week 3 // Problem Solving

The Week began with the third topic being about Problem Solving and exploring ways in which ideas can be resolved and developed. Essentially, ideas can be solved by progression and making conscious independent choices that will influence your work and the experiments you produce. Hendrick Kerstens images that refer to dutch styles of paintings (Vermeer) have their own essence of problem solving and how the artist has worked around his initial issues. By playing unpredictable sometimes, you allow yourself to experience new outcomes. John Smith’s film by the name of ‘Chewing Gum’ 1976 was also a project that was planned but turned out differently to initial ideas, inspiring the final edit. All these things lead to problem solving and effectively using the time we have to create work.

Ironically, this week has been a slow and dead one for me in terms of experimentation and development. My ideas still represent excitement to me and validity but i seem to have hit a wall because i have allowed my idea to block me in, leaving little room for experimentation and exploration. Therefore, i spent most of the week looking at artist works and films, including the abstract series of Netflix, and films with little reference to my current work at the moment such as ‘Wish you were here’. I used these to draw from them the beauty of film and shots each one is taken in. I also practiced camera basics and proceeded to update my knowledge on the kind of images i am currently shooting. There was also a group crit in which we discussed my ideas, and i began to look further into this community social aspect of social housing and photographing this hidden beauty aspect. This could include portrait images of people, the juxtaposition of beauty and purpose built and so forth. The idea was to play, therefore i planned a shoot for week 4 in order to inspire myself into beginning to photograph more for the project.


FMP / WEEK 2 / Research and Progression

Week ending 12th // Week 2

We began the week looking at research and what we need to progress in terms of artistry and work ethic. Essentially subject matter and primary and secondary research were the key points of discussion, collecting information and responding to these parts of our project in a way that will benefit our progression and final images/concepts. This experimentation and research also allows for valid design ideas and authority and knowledge of our work to be recognised through our outcomes.

We looked at advertising and the research behind these concepts that we see daily, an example of this would be Felix Baumgartner’s jump sponsored by red bull. We also looked at Miles Aldridge and his influences and research such as ‘Stepford Wives’ and Douglas Sirk’s melodrama’s from the 1950’s. Mark Gertler’s work such as the ‘Merry Go Round’ and how it inspired Miles’ work was also an interesting insight into how research can be a really important and experimental purpose of developing ideas. Films by Federico Fellini were also shown, such as La Dolce Vita, aswell as ‘Blue Velvet’ by David Lynch, inspiring me to look at the cinematic stills and explore within my own work the colours and angles shot. These film stills also have compositional values which can be really exciting in terms of moving image work aswell, allowing for extra framework to experiment.

My personal response to this criteria is the research i have done so far, for instance the study of ‘West Side Story’ and the beautiful cinematography by Daniel L Fapp, aswell as the experimentation of Tilt Lens and aerial shots. What was really interesting for me was drawing upon the key shapes and parts of these shots, put together like a puzzle, inspiring me to create sheets and experiment with previous shoots by blocking negative space and shapes. This week i also found an artist who has explored a really interesting aspect of Brutalist Architecture and the design forms behind it. by Peter Chadwick is an intriguing response to the brutalist spaces within the uk, utilising graphic design and lens based work. His use of type and block colour is also really interesting, influencing me to create worksheets and experiment with my current ideas aswell as play with them. By manipulating these shapes i was also able to understand the compositions i want to create and look at within my own work, whether that be manually or digitally.

From the research developed in the week, i went on to shoot in my local town, exploring compositions and place and not restricting myself to the confines of the idea. This was really encouraging as the images that came out looked similar to work that has been an influence on me for a while e.g the Topography movement and Lewis Baltz. For the shoot i used a Canon 70D, in order to experiment with higher range cameras to create a clearer output of imagery. My crit with John also proved positive, linking ideas in order to progress aswell as suggestions like screen printing and film work. I also edited my images using inspiration from the artist research in order to play with graphical elements and how they can enhance my shoots and beautify the areas.

Reality // Foundation // 30th Jan Briefing

Weekly briefing on new project // Reality / Artists / Links / Videos / Idea Development

Ryan / Chris Landreth / 2004

// An 2004 oscar winning animation surrounding the life and downfall of Ryan Larkin, once an animator also. ‘Reality’ of his character portrayed through a 14 minute video, embarking on a swift yet deeply touching story.