new work // line illustration / Caorle 17

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Work by Miranda Spendiff


experimentation // reviewing old photos

random mash of two images recently revisited // experimenting in order to further own technical work.

emphasising // replacing colour
35mm b&w // border work // inspiration for fmp – graphical components

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Modern Life – Experimentation

contrasts.light.dark.line.exploration.transcription. // fast video of progress

The most recent project i have been working on is on modern life, and all the forgotten inspiring shapes, colours and developments of the recent century. After exploring Southbank area of London, and in contrast, Margate, i found some really interesting empty large spaces, with beautiful contrasts. From rubbish to ruin, to light and dark and physical presence of people and their relationship with the derelict space’s. Modern life really can be interpreted in many different ways, taking into consideration all the many different atmospheres and feelings spaces can induce.

From my reviewed photos, i have begun to look at creating a documentary booklet, simple but a snapshot of the contrasting architecture i explored on the locations. As well as the booklet, i am looking at graphical pieces to simply document the clear contrasts of light and dark, and how in the modern world today, we perceive these spaces. This interest in juxtaposition has been inspired by the works of Alan Cope and Lucien Herve. Their unique documentation of the space around explores how not everyone really second takes on the simplest of shadows, buildings and ‘simple’ architecture.

Using masking tape i have been able to manually create a graphical documentation and transcription of the photos and spaces i have looked at, extending my project work further.

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