FMP / Week 4 / Planning and Production

Week Ending 26th // Week 4 // Planning and Production

We are now in the 4th week of our FMP and its become apparent of the planning and production that not only me but a few of us should have explored form the start. However, its not to late ever to bring clarity and anticipate change in ones own work. Production allows you to keep you eye on the end result aswell as develop imagery and work that is in keeping with the aesthetic you are working towards. The processes i use within these are key for the experiments i will test out. A part of the planning and production is attending the morning lectures and group crits in order to receive feedback on the work i am doing, something i have found very valuable to my work. We looked at Chris Shepherds work this morning, using his style to remind us to be coherent and work towards creating something that truly reflects us. Another artist we looked at was Garry Winogrand. ‘His work has been the subject of many museum and gallery exhibition, and was included in the 1967 “New Documents” exhibition, curated by John Szarkowski at the Museum of Modern Art, New York’ (1). It was really interesting to see the visual connection between his imagery, following city streets, people etc. We also looked at John Szarkowski’s work and his influences, being a legendary curator and critic. Essentially, the morning  talk was looking at how artists structure their work and develop their projects also, therefore being aware of time allows you to achieve your goals.

This week proved a bit difficult having previously discussed ‘time management’. I had basically hit a ‘wall’, however, i found that this has been crucial in terms of me developing as an artist and overcoming problems in order to create something that truly works with who i am. What became clear was the change in my projects direction, although it isn’t major, it definitely has changed my views on what i want to achieve. I began on the Tuesday by evaluating what i have done so far, and whether it is enough or coherent in terms of development. Essentially what i found when evaluating, is that my ideas and progress have been steady so far, however they haven’t truly inspired me to explore and look further into my subject matter, something i believe has been restricted by my constant focus on building upon the exact same idea i began with. From this i began to write down key words that i identify from my work on post it notes and laid them out, this helped me identify current working theme’s within my work. I then brainstormed from this, identifying the key concepts i want to work with. On the Friday, i shot round the local estates in Canterbury focusing on the unusual and ironic parts of the buildings.

Later on in the week Me, Gina and Zai began to photograph around UCA in order to gather imagery for the Book Workshop. These images were really fun and successful, reminding all three of us to be playful with the camera and not feel stiff and restricted when taking photographs. We began to learn how we could develop our work and showcase it in a professional way. This followed examples such as Kettle stitch, perfect binding and Japanese book binding. Next week i would like to use my current shoots to create an example of a book using perfect binding in order to experiment.

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