FMP / Week 3 / Problem Solving

Week ending 19th //  Week 3 // Problem Solving

The Week began with the third topic being about Problem Solving and exploring ways in which ideas can be resolved and developed. Essentially, ideas can be solved by progression and making conscious independent choices that will influence your work and the experiments you produce. Hendrick Kerstens images that refer to dutch styles of paintings (Vermeer) have their own essence of problem solving and how the artist has worked around his initial issues. By playing unpredictable sometimes, you allow yourself to experience new outcomes. John Smith’s film by the name of ‘Chewing Gum’ 1976 was also a project that was planned but turned out differently to initial ideas, inspiring the final edit. All these things lead to problem solving and effectively using the time we have to create work.

Ironically, this week has been a slow and dead one for me in terms of experimentation and development. My ideas still represent excitement to me and validity but i seem to have hit a wall because i have allowed my idea to block me in, leaving little room for experimentation and exploration. Therefore, i spent most of the week looking at artist works and films, including the abstract series of Netflix, and films with little reference to my current work at the moment such as ‘Wish you were here’. I used these to draw from them the beauty of film and shots each one is taken in. I also practiced camera basics and proceeded to update my knowledge on the kind of images i am currently shooting. There was also a group crit in which we discussed my ideas, and i began to look further into this community social aspect of social housing and photographing this hidden beauty aspect. This could include portrait images of people, the juxtaposition of beauty and purpose built and so forth. The idea was to play, therefore i planned a shoot for week 4 in order to inspire myself into beginning to photograph more for the project.


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