FMP / Week 1 / Context and Research

Week Ending 5th March // Week 1

The final major project has begun, starting the week off by looking at ‘Context’ on Monday during the group lecture. We looked at work by Tim Burton and Anna Gaskell, observing the story and meaning behind their work. This was useful as Narrative, in all its forms, is important in all work i do, whether it be simplistic in nature or the key to the idea, so understanding how these artists and storytellers compose their work was a really interesting topic. I have begun by looking at artists who have influenced my work up to this point, including Lewis Baltz and photographers who influenced the topography movement. From the research i have painted their compositions, lines and details from the photos onto wood and cardboard in order to gain influence from their compositions and style. I have also looked at social housing and the architectural style, from brutalist to modern day developments such as work from Bjarke Ingels and Ernő Goldfinger. Work from Sergiy Barchuk has also been interesting to view, observing his unique eye for colour schemes and compositional practice within the book, Smoke Room 3. Essentially, this week has been exploring the artistry work behind my initial ideas, and looking at colours and compositions that i can bring in to my first experimental shoot for the FMP.

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