brutalist // recent work

Recently at UCA we have been working on a number of different weekly projects, looking at Beauty, whether it be in its purest form or an abstract sense, Spaces and Places, and Narrative. I have looked at artists such as Lewis Baltz and Brian McDonald aswell as researching headlines in order to respond to them with collages and simple sketches. For instance, whilst researching the housing crisis, i began to look at Brutalist Architecture in and around London. This inspired a recent trip to two recognised brutalist area’s, the Barbican and Southbank. I would like to share some images from the shoot, documenting the space and brutalist area. The weather worked really well with the sky shredding this marvellous marmalade tint and of course, a few drops of rain (it is Britain after all).

Overall the shoot was really successful, moving forwards i’m looking to create graphical images, blocking out the space and transforming them into collage pieces using the colours and sketches i also documented whilst visiting.

Portal // Barbican
Portal // Barbican
Portal // Barbican


All Writing and Images Rights Reserved to Miranda Spendiff


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